EOG stalling on do's, payment on Brooks 1h-6x 7n, 4w and Sturgell, 7n 4w

These wells were completed in 2018. I have tried repeatedly to get payment and may have to resort to legal action if it continues much longer. I am also concerned about collecting my 12% interest on these unpaid amounts. Any one else having trouble with EOG?

If your title is based upon an “Affidavit of Death and Heirship” the company is probably justified in not releasing payment until the document has 1) been sufficiently completed and 2) it has been on file for 10 years. Otherwise, the company will likely require a probate to release funds from suspense. Most mineral probates qualify for an expedited procedure.

Have not receive a DO or payments for WARHAWK 0631 wells. The first sale was Feb 2019 so they are well over 12 months from production/sale. When I contact them they say they are waiting for Title Opinions for owners before DO will go out. There have to be several of us with clear titles waiting. If we go into summer I probably will have my lawyer contact them. You may want to join in on the fun.

In the meantime make sure that they have your IRS form W-9 and your address. I like looking at division orders to see if their calculations are correct, but in Oklahoma they must pay even if you refuse to return a DO.

Who enforces/regulates EOG’s obligation to pay? Looks like I should copy them on any letters I write to EOG.

OCC? I guess the courts for enforcement of OKLA law…

That is up to you. If they are are liable and unresponsive legal action may become necessary.

My records show the Brooks 1h-6x started producing in January 2018. It was drilled and completed by Newfield. Newfield was merged with Encana. The merged company became Ovintiv Exploration. I received a DO in December 2019 from Newfield Exploration. My first disbursement was in March 2020 from Ovintiv. Ovintiv owner relation phone number is 866-917-3700. Their email address is ovintiv@ownerrelationssupport.com. Good luck.