EOG Resources Tomcat 1621


Any recent News on EOG Resources Tomcat 1621 Spud date 11-06-18


Probably way too soon to have any data. It takes about four-five months to drill and complete. Division orders come out about five months after first sales. Production data isn’t usually posted until about four months after completion as the governmental bodies are behind in posting.


Thank you I had no Idea how long it would take to hit TD 20,000 ft. in McClain county.


On takes a few days to actually do the vertical part of the drilling, turn and make the horizontal. The extensive time frame is in the completion.


To Your knowledge is the Tomcat 1621 a Horizontal well? I cant find any drilling reports. I figured they must be “tight holing” the information.


Yes, it is horizontal. You can tell by the name. Tomcat 1621 1H. The “H” gives it away.
The surface location is in sec 9-9N-4W. You will find any public data on the OCC well record site. The normal data will be a permit (1000), spud (1000A), completion (1002A), Survey, and any change in operator, etc. They do not file drilling reports as only working interest owners get those. It will be pretty quiet on infor for about five months. Test


Thank you for sharing with me your keen insight one again.


Do you Happen to know the spacing requirements Horizontal Oil Wells in Oklahoma?


In general, they are 640 acres or a section, but each well will have a particular order (although it may be an old one.) Occasionally, there will be a 1280. And I have a few that are 320 or the 640 is split into half of one section and half of another.


So does that equal 2 wells Maximum per 640 section on Horizontal drilling ventures. For instance all of section 21 in McClain County OK


You would need to give the complete section, township and range as there are many section 21s in McClain, one in each township. Are you referring to 21-9N-4W or a different 21? For the first well to be drilled in a particular reservoir, the operator must have a spacing for that reservoir in that section or sections, permission for a horizontal well and if the location is anywhere but in the center of the section, then a location exception. If you are a mineral owner in that section and your correct address is filed in the county, then you will get copies of those filings in the mail. The operator will usually drill the first well to hold the section by production in that zone. Then if the economics are good, then can come back and drill multiple wells, usually line up like cigars in a box (if horizontal).


All Wells are permitted the by the Driller Operator in this case EOG Resources? The copy of the filing states All of section 21 Township 9 North Range 4 West of the IM McClain County OK.


An additional Filing States Sections 28 and 21 Township 9 north Range 4 West of the IM I appreciate your assistance.


Sorry I should have said expertise at this point so Thank you.


If you go to the OCC OAP website and look up the cases that have been mailed to you, you can look up the exhibits which are in color and a bit easier to read. OAP

NATIVE has 201810586 has a nice exhibit in the increased density case with a well planned on the far east side of 21 & 28. Surface location in 28 and going north into 21. When they line a well up that close to the lease boundary it usually indicates they are leaving room for more wells in the future. Indeed, the increased density is asking for seven more Woodford wells. Paragraph 2.3.

EOG has filed for Increased density to go with 16 & 21-9N-4W. They also want 7 more Woodford wells, but want the section to the North. The OCC will decide who gets which direction. Tomcat 1621#1H is actually drilled on the far west side of 16 & 21. The surface location was in 9 and went south into 16 & 21. You can find the info on the well in section 0909N04W in the OCC well records