EOG Resources Royalty payments

EOG royalty payments on my Grady County wells are late this month, without explanation. No response to email, and the phone line appears overloaded and non-functional. Does anyone know what difficulties EOG Resources might be experiencing?

According to the OCC website it would appear that EOG has transferred 23 of its wells in Grady Co. to Unit Petroleum effective April 28, 2017. So I doubt EOG is wanting to talk to us anymore. The company to call to find out why they haven't paid us this month would be Unit Petroleum. I hope they get busy and get our checks mailed soon.

Thank you for the information. Is this going to require new division orders, etc? Does Unit Petroleum have a time limit to issue checks, similar to a new well? Seems to me that EOG could have at least put a recording on their customer service line, and I suppose, since we have no owner number with Unit, that we can't get into their royalty owners section for more information.

Thanks again for the response.

If the wells were transferred 4/28 I would assume April production would be paid by EOG which would be the June payment

Below is a link to Unit’s press release. Hope the link works Apparently the sale was effective Jan 1.


Tom, thanks for the info on the press release. I guess that I'll just keep trying to get through. I'm sure that those 23 wells represent quite a few unhappy royalty holders.

I sent an email to Unit and got a response saying that Unit would send checks on June 30 to include April production. The do not offer direct deposit. Below is their contact information:

Macy Neel
Royalty Relations Assistant
Unit Petroleum Company
8200 S Unit Drive
Tulsa, OK 74132-5300
Royalty Hotline: 918-■■■■■■■■

For all royalty inquiries, please email: ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

Thanks Tom, your help with information is much appreciated.