EOG Operator

Recently EOG acquired our leases in 4 sections from Victerra in a BR auction. Wondering what kind of an operator they are to work with. Any issues on payment? Do they respond to royalty owners issues? Never had any problems with Atlantic/Victerra. We have 4 producing wells in the sections.


Richard- Although I don’t have any TX property where EOG is the operator, in Oklahoma I do. They are a good operator & know how to develop prospects. Any chance you went to college in Oklahoma?

Yep, my wife and I are Cowboys. Good to hear. They have two more wells permitted (under Victerra). Hopefully they will develop them at some time.

I believe you were a President of our fraternity and might know Herman Jones. Hopefully EOG will develop your minerals and things work out for the good.

LOL…I was president of Delta Tau Delta in 1970 at OSU. Don’t remember a Herman Jones. We moved to Houston in 1970. Are you still in Oklahoma?

I pledged in 1974. Remember your name from a late night initiation activity. LOL. Did you know a Kent O’Halloran or Jonathan Friend? They are cousins. My wife & I live in Florida now, but I was an independent landman in OKC for 38 years.

Hi Richard, I have some leases just to the west of you that were also with Victerra, I was sad to see them go. EOG is a great operator with one of the best balance sheets in the business…this is really good news for us! Looks like maybe you were under the Allman, Muddy Waters and Santana leases. I go out to Reeves a few times a year to check on things…and try to hunt mule deer. -Chris

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