EOG No Production Shown for December

We are royalty holders with EOG on the Wilson 0817 wells in McClain county. We have been receiving regular royalties, outside of the extremely low oil price period of 2020, through production period Nov 2020. Last week our royalty dropped significantly, and upon inspecting the production report, discovered that what we received was an adjustment to a prior period, and that Dec 2020 showed no production, either oil or gas, for all 7 wells.

We reached out to EOG for a clarification, but coming as no surprise, we haven’t received the courtesy of a reply from them. We were wondering if perhaps anyone in this forum has any insight as to what happened.

Thank you very much,

Mary Herrig

The wells were probably shut-in for some period of time and IF they are back on-line producing, it will take a couple of months for the revenue paid to catch up to the production.

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