EOG dragging their feet

EOG seems to be dragging their feet. Its been almost a year next month have since wells have been online producing still haven’t received any payments. I’ve called and emailed and its like no use getting ahold of this company. Anyone else having the same issue with EOG?

they do like to drag their feet . I have been waiting for accounting dept. to get back with me for 10 mos now. customer service might be able to answer question but it takes 1 to 3 days sometimes to get back number is 817-806-0850 good luck!

they also wont send ck. under 25 dollars

SMH. I don’t know. Its like a company you feel proud to operate and drill, …but its like soon as you sign a lease the Landman has done his job and nothing.

Still waiting…over a million barrels produced on my minerals. Tick Tock…Tick Tock

Get an attorney on that!

Got one. Thanks!

Give the EOG revenue department a call and ask.

I’ve done that. I emailed and called since January. I basically got a email back saying I’m impatient, which doesn’t bother me, but I feel like I got to keep on each month that passes. Id be happy with just a timeline not some bull.

I consider it to be rude to suggest that you are impatient because you expect timely payment of money due to you. Send a certified letter demanding payment of back royalties and interest. In future leases add a clause that requires the the first payment is due within 90 days of production or sales and within 60 days after that or 60 days for gas and 30 days for oil. Also require interest for late payment at a specified rate such as 12%. Look at the GLO lease for sample terms.