EnWater SWDs, frack water stations


Has anyone else had any dealings with EnWater operating SWDs or Frack water sales sites on their
property? EnWater just purchased the SWDs formerly operated by Probity SWD, LLC on FM 1450,
Hwy 17, and some others in the area. I’m encouraging them to give NGL a real run for their money
on SWDs in the area.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen


UPDATE: EnWater bought the SWD contract on my property…formerly operated by Probity SWD, LLC.
They’ve already changed the sign and are about to add a second H pump to increase the volume of water they can dispose of every 24 hours. We’ve been disposing of 300 to 400 thousand barrels per
month and skimming about 6- 180 barrel loads of oil each month.
Their improvements are going to raise the disposal volume to between 750,000 and 1 Million barrels per month…and the skim oil will come up accordingly. The more they make…the more I make. I like the way EnWater works so far…they’ve shot straight and they respond in minutes instead of days when something goes wrong.
So, if you get approached by EnWater to put an SWD on your land…tell them ol’ Lawrence recommended them as a good operating company.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen



I am going to ask a question somewhat related.

We have a lease with a company and the operators are starting to drill and we are getting checks.
My question: Enwater has approached us about running a pipeline through some of our interests. Do they work with us, the owners, or the operator holding the lease? I called the operator and they said it has nothing to do with the wells they are digging so it must be for another company.

Can we negotiate with them or does that infringe on the rights of the lease holder?

Thank you for any insight you can provide?



Mary, depends on what EnWater is doing with the pipeline. Are they transporting water to or from
an injection well or storage/treatment facility? Your negotiating a ROW agreement with EnWater
has nothing to do with the other operators on your land unless the proposed ROW passes through
the pad or ROW you already have leased. You get your lawyer to make the best deal you can get with EnWater separate from any other operator on your land.

Good luck!
ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen


Thank You! A direct and simple answer to something I have been wondering.



Working on a temporary ROW easement with EnWater on Blk C-18, Sec 4 SE/4, W2.
hope it goes well. Wade Caldwell’s office doing their best work.
r / Navgoat


Primexx drilled their own SWD called the Baptist east of FM2448 and just north of CR310.
Now they are drilling a new SWD 1.5 miles west of Hwy 17 on the south side of CR330. Both
their SWDs will be served by the dual 12 inch produced water gathering/transport poly lines they’ve
already installed over the area they are drilling up.

There’s so much produced water to be disposed of…even the SWD on my property operated by EnWater is not seeing any reduction in water disposal demand. EnWater is adding to the capacity
of the SWD on my property…improving it so it will be able to dispose of 1 Million barrels of water each month…where it typically runs 400,000 a month now.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen