EnWater SWDs, frack water stations


Has anyone else had any dealings with EnWater operating SWDs or Frack water sales sites on their
property? EnWater just purchased the SWDs formerly operated by Probity SWD, LLC on FM 1450,
Hwy 17, and some others in the area. I’m encouraging them to give NGL a real run for their money
on SWDs in the area.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen


UPDATE: EnWater bought the SWD contract on my property…formerly operated by Probity SWD, LLC.
They’ve already changed the sign and are about to add a second H pump to increase the volume of water they can dispose of every 24 hours. We’ve been disposing of 300 to 400 thousand barrels per
month and skimming about 6- 180 barrel loads of oil each month.
Their improvements are going to raise the disposal volume to between 750,000 and 1 Million barrels per month…and the skim oil will come up accordingly. The more they make…the more I make. I like the way EnWater works so far…they’ve shot straight and they respond in minutes instead of days when something goes wrong.
So, if you get approached by EnWater to put an SWD on your land…tell them ol’ Lawrence recommended them as a good operating company.

ol’ Lawrence in Verhalen