Entitlement decimal change after transfer of ownership?

My brother and I inherited some rights, which were split 50/50. I ended up buying his portion after a couple months. Should my entitlement decimal double? The printout doesn’t include the wells twice.

I’m trying to figure out if the oil company actually transferred his rights to me like they claimed they did and not sure what to look for (payments have stayed around the same which is why it’s grabbed my attention).

Look for a change in the decimal amount on the check stub. It should be double what it was before. Also check the date of the payments because the older ones before the transfer should have been the original decimal amount.

Did you file the new deed at the county courthouse? That is the only official repository. Did you give a copy of the deed to the operator? Go back and contact the operator again. Sometimes if takes a couple of months to get things processed depending upon how backed up they are. Certified letters (keeping a copy of everything you send) are a good way to have a paper trail.

Thank you!!

Everything was filed at the courthouse, that was a long process in itself as either the deed wasn’t recorded or was lost in the 1970’s. Went back and forth with the operator for months so they know and claim that all has been transferred. But the decimal amount has stayed the same.

I sent them another email, this should be fun. UGH!

Emails can get lost in the queue. Certified letters give you a signature that they actually received the correspondence.

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