Entirities Clause Nightmare

Inherited 1/8 royalty in S23, 14N, 13 W (N/2 and SE/4). It is tied to the following properties' production by an entirities clause: S24, 14N, 13W (S/2 & W/2); S25, 14N, 13W (all in); S14, 14N, 13W (SE/4).

I have a deed of sale recorded in 1954 to my father. I have his Arkansas will and his AR trust papers, no probate. Need to transfer ownership to the heirs. We have been paid a meager sum by one operator (transferred in 2016) since our father' death, but repeated efforts to get any records as to why they paid us has not been met with success. They cannot answer because the records were transferred. The current operator says they do not have the records. Other back production monies in our section equal far less than a lawyer proposes to charge. Right now, paying legal fees is out of the question. I am familiar with the Watonga County Courthouse and with searching for mineral records. Please, is there any part of this tedious task that I can accomplish on my own? If only Oklahoma was involved it would be a lot easier. Yes, I have touched on this before, but I knew less than I know now.

Virginia–the sections and Entirety lease you are describing are very similar to my grandfather’s estate where all of his minerals were put under an Entirety lease in 1954. There are a couple of discrepancies in the actual acreage covered in the lease (e.g. only half a section in Section 25 is covered in lease) that are different from what you have listed but others seem to be similar. Although payments are nominal amounts, you should be receiving royalty checks for Section 23 (Duncan Oil 1-23H) and for Section 25 (Cimarex for the N.D Burns well). Neither 14 nor 24 have producing wells. There is a pending spacing order for sections 13 and 24 which seems to always be in continuation status. Continental is building a large compression facility on Section 14 so assume they will be doing activity there. Section 14 also has a Continental spacing order that includes 7 common sources. If you can provide me with your Dad’s name so I can confirm we are talking about the same minerals/lease, I have a copy of the lease and other information. I will be happy to share with you.

Virginia…I just saw your original query from March . We are talking about the same Entirety lease and acreage. My aunt Nina sold 40 mineral acres to W.H. Daniels in1959. I know there is some way you are supposed to be able to friend someone to have private talks but I have never figured it out. Everything I have is digital so I can email to you if I have your email address.

Virginia…I just checked the paperwork on Continental’s new spacing order for 23-14N-13W. In Exhibit A, Wm. H. Daniel is shown as address unknown. Barnes Law in Tulsa (918-382-8686) handled this application for Continental.

Oh my gosh, this group rocks! Thank you Sharen. The information you gave me comes at a very good time. I will contact Barnes Law today. Thank you also, Stephen Weeks. I did friend you on this forum. My email address is ghenley@sbcglobal.net.