Engineer Explains Oil & Gas in the USA (Mar 2022; Russian imports, Keystone XL Pipeline, Shale Fracking)

Hi Y’all! I won’t do this for all my videos (I promise!) but I really wanted to share this information with this audience here. I’m not trying to take conversation away from this forum so put any comments or questions here below rather than in the YouTube comment section. Happy to continue the discussion here however y’all would like!


Thanks Tracy. Appreciate the nice presentation.

Thanks Tracy this was very informative. It should be shown on national TV. Fox might do it.

Thanks, @PeteR and @Lasxl111! So glad it was helpful!!

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Excellent videos, wish I’d seen them years ago when I was a neophyte. National pipeline maps were enlightening. The picture of oil by gravity is fascinating, never realized lightest gravity oils (condensate) are orange and yellow.

Thank you, @Roy! The pipeline and midstream impact on the basins are fascinating, aren’t they? One day I might go more into crude oil color and quality, but yes, lighter crude is generally red, yellow, or green (look up North Dakota’s “green juice” oil!) since the heavier, longer-chain hydrocarbons components tend to make it darker. I had an intern one summer drive around the field I was working and get several oil samples from ~10 wells I selected and had him bring them into the office, then we discussed why each oil was different colors (all from the same reservoir!). Super interesting stuff to nerd out on!


Good video Tracy. However, fracking is nothing new. The first wells were hydraulically fracked in the 1940’s. Even horizontal drilling began in the early 1990s. Otherwise, very informative for the novice.

Thanks, Todd. Yes, I’m aware fracking in general is not new (did I word it like it was? I’ll have to go back and listen). I’ve worked on wells that were fractured in the 40’s (or nitro’d in many cases). But the cross-linked, single-stage fracs for use in those vertical, 2000’ deep wells is much different technology than the slickwater 20-80-stage horizontal fracs that opened up the shale/tight oil & gas.

There’s only so much I can cover in one video! :wink:

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i want to thank you for this informative video. it was like everything i have been hearing for the last few years was compiled into this short presentation. i was awed to say the least, many, many thanks.

You’re so very welcome!! Hearing this made my day!!

Great video Tracy! I learned many things about how the the energy business operates.

Thanks again,

Larry Ferrarini

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Thanks, Tracy. Great information and very timely, especially regarding federal lands. Your maps are great! Hope you keep this up. Very valuable! Joy

Thanks, @Joy_Roberts! I really enjoyed making it so this feedback is great. I’m in talks with a video editor to try to help with the workload so I can get more out. I’d rather spend more time researching and doing client work than editing…and that video took ages for me to edit!! :slight_smile:

And thanks! I’ll continue sharing my maps as I continue to improve them and map new fun things!

Thanks, Tracy, for explaining this. Answers a lot of questions I had. I plan to watch more of your informative videos.


Really appreciate this! Love all the videos of yours I’ve seen. Thanks for this!

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Great presentation. Did not hear any mention of natural gas storage. an issue is the unfair compensation to landowners for their valuable underground pore space.

@c_b thanks for the feedback! I’ll add that to my list of future topics! (Which just made me think of bitcoin mining as a topic too)

Very informative, thank you.

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Very interesting thank you

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Fantastic presentation. How can I access to watch again or to share?