Enervest Question

I recently purchased WI/NRI in Noble County where Enervest is the operator. I sent them the recorded assignment as well as the division orders in May. I have asked "royalty relations" and specifically "rachel g" multiple times for expense invoices (since 3/1, which is my effective date) as well as checks to be sent to me. Finally rachel responded and said they had system conversions so they won't be able to process my request for an additional 90-180 days.

Does anyone out there have a contact at Enervest or any ideas on what I can do. It seems odd to me that the operator can withhold my payments for up to another six months.


You can place a legal lien on the well(s). Enervest can go bankrupt on 90-180 days .


Martha, thank you for your response.

I called and spoke to royalty relations and was advised it's common practice by Enervest that it takes about 90 days to get the division orders/transfer processed and then another 90 days after that to get everything updated in their system.

I guess what I'm looking for is somebody to confirm if they have had the same experience with this operator. If it is common practice for them, then I'll wait it out.

Jamie, I have no experience with Everest, but have dealt with hundreds of O/G operators.

I hope you get your money. I have heard that several people are having problems getting money out of Enervest.

They seem to make their own rules. 90 days for a division order/transfer is about right, but another 90 days for what, to update the system. The information was already put in. What does your lease say?? You may need to get an attorney to get them on the ball.