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I am sending a letter to EnerVest that needs quick attention. Anyone have a name of person that deals with lease issues - such as releases. The phone calls and previous letter have yielded no results. Looking for someone that heads up Royalty/Lease department. Their website doesn't have a name only an email address for Royalty dept.

See attached permit - not a lease / royalty person but person who you may be able to contact to find the person you need. Name and email on bottom of permit.

2520-enervest.pdf (2.65 MB)

Suzanne Zissa is the Analyst for Division Orders. She's been helpful in the past.

Suzanne Zissa

Analyst - Division Orders

EnerVest Ltd.

1001 Fannin St, Ste 800

Houson, TX 77002

713-495-5324 (phone)

713-615-7762 (fax)

Email: szissa@enervest.net

Thanks for the quick replies, I got my answer!


Marshall Jones said:

Thanks for the quick replies, I got my answer!

Royalty Relations. AR, CO, KS, LA, MT, ND, NM, OK, TX

EnerVest Operating Company

1001 Fannin Street,

Suite 800

Houston, TX 77002

Attn: Royalty Relations

Phone: 888.988.3637

Fax: 713.615.1499

Email: RoyaltyRelations@enervest.net

Dave Kyte is Senior Vice President & General Manager of the Austin Chalk Asset
Team of EnerVest Operating Company.