Energylink Question

So, I just figured out how to use Energylink - a few years after I started my mineral-owning experience, my dad (my teacher) doesn’t use them and would rather have everything hard copy.

I like the idea of being able to download everything and having both a hard copy and a digital copy.

Anyway - I have noticed there are a LOT of companies using Energylink, but some of the companies listed there, that are paying me, namely Scout, aren’t connected when I put my info in.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is it because Scout pays me in several states (OK, and KS)? So, different operators, I am guessing?

I really could be the problem…honestly.

You can find a list of the companies that use Energylink in the upper right corner. Not all companies do. If you additional company is listed, then you can give your owner number listed on the check stub and ask that the new company be included in your statements list. You can still get the check in paper form or you can request to have it auto deposited by going through the new company’s division order or royalty department.

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