Energy for All

Finding a source of energy to counter a potential energy crisis has become a grave issue for the world. The fossil fuel energy, which has been in use since many years, is getting short in supply. This has led to high prices of these fuels. As such people are seeking other sources which can be used as an alternate to these. Renewable energy has fit the bill for alternate energy as it is unlimited in supply and can be reproduced on completion. The renewable energy is present in the sun, water and the wind. This type of energy is also environment friendly and can be used continuously without harming the earth.

The renewable energy investments have risen in recent time with the last year showing an inflow of investment funds of 155 billion dollars. To channel these funds productively and to maximize the returns for the investors is the task undertaken by the World Energy Research. The world energy research explores and develops energy prospects to lead the world towards a sustainable future. It brings investors and productive projects on the same platform for the benefit of the society.

The investors are given a myriad of choices in the energy sector by the World Energy Research to suit the specific needs of the investors. The portfolio of the organization comprises of oil and gas wells, solar centers, wind turbines and ocean turbines.

"Natural gas is domestic; it’s clean–producing 22 to 29 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than diesel or gasoline-powered vehicles; and it works.

Natural gas is one of America’s greatest resources. While reserves of oil and other resources are diminishing, new drilling technologies and techniques are allowing us to recover natural gas in the huge shale deposits in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Appalachia — vastly expanding our nation’s natural gas reserves.

The energy available from natural gas contained in these shale deposits can provide ample supplies for the next 100 years."

I am a supporter of the pickens plan.


As long as you include in the market the mandates by the federal government.

Peter Moorman said:

What do you think the advent of renewable energy will mean for traditional oil and gas mineral owners?

Chase has a good point about natural gas. I have always been of the opinion that renewable energy will come into play when the market decides it is cost effective. Right now hydrocarbon energy prices are too low to necessitate a major investment in renewable energy.