Energy Efficient

Since japan also china building electric cars more energy efficient also clean environment will this affect oil producers like OPEC also shale to sell their oil worldwide.

Possibly in some capacity, but how do you think they generate all that electricity? There are a few options, nuclear being one, but hydrocarbons is by far #1 (Natural gas followed by crude oil, see the picture below). Furthermore, essentially all plastics are made of hydrocarbons in some degree, so there are other markets besides just gasoline/engine oil. Planes will still need high amounts of jet fuel, unless they can figure out electric jets one day. The leftover bitumen is used for asphalt/roads and such. So, crude oil is used for a wide variety of things. Yes, electric cars may impact oil one day to some degree, but I don't see that happening in our lifetimes unless everyone is willing to give up their hydrocarbon burning engines...and even then crude oil will be utilized to generate electricity for those vehicles.