Energy Companies offering to purchase mineral rights

I leased my minerals to Chesapeake last fall and received a very small royalty check in August. However, during the past year, I have received offers from two other companies to purchase the leased minerals, actually two offers from one company. I have rejected both offers for personal reasons. Is this a common practice?

With out any factual knowledge of your situation, it sounds like someone believes, in time, your royalties will be worth more than they may appear to be.

I agree with Nick. Someone beleives that your minerals will be much more valuable very shortly. Could be a sign of future drilling activity with deeper wells, additional wells, both.

Hang on to them if you can and if you can't and you need cash now and this is your only assett, only sell half.

Chesapeake contacted me and then the guy disappeared. A lady wrote to me and she also has not responded. Who are you dealing with?

Nick and Matthew, those were my feelings exactly so I have decided to hang in there and see what Chesapeake does. Lora, was Chesapeake trying to lease your mineral rights or buy them outright? I am one year into a 3-year lease with Chesapeake. Dealing with two smaller companies who have interests in Woods County evidently but are trying to amass more. Aegis and Mayhawk are the names. I turned down both offers.

They offered me a 3 year lease but didn't respond after I sent what they asked for. Then Jay who I was dealing with left the company and someone else contacted me, and also quit responding.

Is the mineral interest in your own name?

Where is the mineral interest located. Section Township Range?

I believe it is still in my Father's name as he is on the list but so is my Grandfather and he is the one who reserved the rights when he sold the land. When my Father passed away, we were not told by our Uncles who were the administrators that there were any mineral rights. My Grandfather put my Father's share of the inheritance into a trust at my Father's request before they both passed away.

24 28N 17W

What is your father's name and grandfather's name?

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(EDITED - Use the private messaging system for contact information)