End of year push for Leases?

My Lease on net 60 acres doesn't expire until April 2015, but I've received a "very legal" offer from Noble. And yesterday a phone call from a different group--left a message. I'm wondering if there is a general strategic advantage to work a deal BEFORE the end of the year (higher bonus/percentage) or if waiting until after the first of the year is just as good, or better?

Township 9 North, Range 58 West, 6th PM, Sect 25 E/2




It usually has to do with end of year budgets and spending. What do you mean when you say you got a "very legal" offer from Noble? Was it a top lease?



It was certified mail, all written out with the places to sign, notarize, return envelope. And the new Lease, in fine print, etc.

What is a "top" lease?

If my current lease has an extension clause, will someone like Noble do the work to cancel that? As far as I know, there has not been any drilling on the property; the lease says any kind of equipment let out there makes it be "active"

It depends on what the lease says really. Do you have time to talk over the phone tomorrow? I might be able to help you better understand your options here. If so, send me an email at derekod57@gmail.com.