Encore Permian - trouble

Payments have stopped, the phone is not working, and the website is down. Has anyone heard anything?

Smells like bankruptcy to me.

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Permian Resources’ website is up. The Colgate Owners’ line gave a message, out for holiday today Corporate headquarters answered phone. I talked to Colgate Owners’s rep on Friday ???

Please clarify - Encore Permian and Permian Resources are two different entities, right?

Yes. quite different.

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I was able to access their website. They offered millions of shares of common stock for sale Sept 19 and 20. Says it’s to pay indebtedness from recent merger.

Encore Permian is a different company from Permian Resources.

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Thanks for clarifying Wade. Should have read more carefully and should not multitask!

Here is an explanation posted by @TennisDaze in the Culberson group that explains what happened and current contact info.

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