Encana sent no March 31 Ck

Encana said our Mashburn well account is in negative balance. claim contract includes deductions when they reviewed it. They have always had deductions. Anyone have same problems? this is in 3N/4W sec. 33 drilled from Sec.4 2N/4W. Richard

We don’t have royalty in the same place as you Richard but our Encana check from sections 16 2n4w and 34 2n4w came at about the day as usual. Send out March 31st according to their records we received it on about April 3rd. but it was about $800. less than the month before to our dismay.

My Encana royalty check in a different section too is subject to the same law of diminishing returns. Having seen two reorganizations (including Vanguard’s two bankrupticies in a two year period), I am beginning to think this is a predictable result.

Encana has changed names to Ovintiv. The checks should come out reasonably close to the same time every month. Remember, that the post office may have delays, some months have slightly different number of days, etc. The prices of oil and gas have dropped quite a bit in the last two months and production naturally declines, so not unexpected to see a lower check as time goes on.

Ovintiv will pay on the 20th of the month