Emergency Water Line, (Temporary line for 14 days

An Emergency Water line is needed in Ward County from the Lake East in 227 East of Section One running 3500 Feet to U S National #2 well recently purchased by Carrizo oil from Devon in Block 33, A172. There is a valve and communication issue with the well, it is leaking traces of H2S and CO2, they are going to kill the well for repairs? Deadly gasses!

They offered $2500 for a 14 day (max) water line or 11.78 per rod! I asked for $3200, that was good, might have been able to get more but no point in getting greedy.

After the fact question does anyone know what the per rod rate is for a temporary water line per rod.


Hello, I just came across this I believe my surface is near this. I am block 33 section 1 A129. Any chance this was near my land?