EMCO Resources Has Begun Leasing In Freestone County

EMCO has been leasing for Aethon in Robertson and Leon Counties, so my guess is that Aethon has decided to follow Comstock into a lease program in Freestone.

Since 8/31/2023, EMCO has recorded 13 lease memos covering more than 3,100 acres. Here’s a map of the surveys containing leased acreage:

Other entities (Comstock, Vanna, Thorp, etc) have leased more than 32,000 acres in Freestone. Here’s a map of their lease area, including the HBP leases that Comstock acquired from Legacy Reserves:

All of this leasing appears to be a continuation of the Lower Bossier/Haynesville play in which Comstock and Aethon have begun to drill wells in Robertson and Leon Counties.


Hey Alan, what’s your data source for the shapefiles or whatever those are? I can find deed transfers and such, but nothing on the maps.

I look up the survey info contained in the lease memos that get filed in each county. I map the surveys into Google Earth using this website:


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