Ellis county

Does anyone know what is going on in section 26 19N-25N?

I moved your question over to the Oklahoma Mineral Rights, Ellis County. Do you mean 19N-25W? Section 25 has two new permits by Mewbourne. Mewbourne just pooled 25 in February 2022. Section 26 has had quite a bit of leasing by many parties in 2021 and 2022. No cases for 26 yet.
Make sure that your name and address are properly filed in the county clerk’s office if you are new to owning minerals.

Thank you. I’ve filed the required documents with the county clerks office. I received a notice about Mewbour ne requesting horizontal drilling and spacing units. What exactly does this mean? I’m sorry. These are newly inherited and my mom never explained much because there wasn’t much going on.

Condolences on the passing of your mother. Welcome to the forum and to the mineral world. Since activity is ramping up here, be sure and get the probate filed in Ellis county and notify Mewbourne of your name change and address from your mother. Their leasing agents are out working now. You can either lease of wait for pooling (which is a form of state mandated leasing) Mewbourne has to file certain applications with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission in order to drill a well. These first two are preliminary ones. They need permission to space a certain reservoir and then they need permission to drill a horizontal well. Then the pooling, then a permit, etc. Read up in the Ellis County threads and get familiar with what is going on. Ask questions. (The draft lease you get from any leasing agent is most likely not in the mineral owner’s favor, so you may need an attorney to suggest changes.)


Keep in mind that often companies will sign a lease with you then require probate or some other title requirements before royalties are paid.

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Our mineral rights in Ellis County OK are leased to Mewbourne. Our land was pooled with section 35 last fall. Drilling is under way and the fracking crew is expected to begin work in Jully. Our property is 26-21N-24W.

Welcome to the forum! Best wishes on a successful well.

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