Ellis county texas - mineral rights

Hello, this is my first post and frankly just entering the world of mineral rights.

My uncle owns 400 acres of mineral rights in Ellis County TX and has a 1/4 interest. He has asked me to investigate the current value. I know Ellis county is a non-core country within the Barnett shale however is there someone that knows if that fact helps the value at all?

Secondly what would be the best way to find the value for this?

maybe there is anyone familiar with the Ellis county TX, Avalon region in this forum that can give a ball-park figure ?

I do apologize for any ignorence, again these are my first steps.

Any information would be greatly appreciated




Proximity to Barnett production may be a factor, but it would be one of many in determining value.

Is the property producing?

Do you have a survey name, abstract # or a street address near the property?

You can look up the area that the minerals are in Ellis County on the Railroad commission website to see what production in the area looks like, this will be the biggest factor in assessing the value of the mineral rights.

--Myranda Shugart