Ellis county Minerals in 2019

I inherited 80+ Acres of mineral rights in Ellis and Woodward county. How do I go about assessing what those rights are worth? Section 11- 19N 23W

Welcome to the Forum. I moved your question over to the Ellis County Category.
Did the executor of the will do an estate evaluation? If so, then they should give that to you.
In general, this is a good place to start getting informed. You need to read up on activity in Ellis county and find out who the operators are and what they are doing. You need to get familiar with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission website.

When you said “what the rights are worth”, so you mean for leasing or for selling?

M _Barnes I am brand new to this as well. I don’t have much in the way of minerals, inherited them a year ago and leased them about then as well. This week I have been contacted by 3 different folks wanting to buy my minerals. If you don’t mind…where can I start to find out what is going on in my section? Any help you would be willing to provide would be greatly appreciated as I am totally ignorant with regards to mineral rights . Thank you.

If you are getting calls, then someone or several someones know something. Post the section, township and range and I can look it up for you.

Thanks! I will have to get the paperwork at home. I was shocked they called my cell…at work…my curiosity is peaked. Thank you again for your time, as soon as I have details I will post.

I have been receiving royalities on PEER UNIT 1-34, 2-34, and 3-34 for a few years. Now Stone Oak Operating says 2-34 is not paying. Anyone else know about this, or can someone check if they are tell me correctly? Thank you Carol Dakan

What section, township and range? Always add that to your questions. 34-24N-25W? Peer Unit 1,2,3-34 are all paid under the same PUN number on the OK tax site. PUN #: 045-034496-0-0000. Are you getting checks from Stone Oak or from DCP? Looks like only 3-34 is still online.