Electric Vehicles Impact on Oil and Gas

What about electrical cars, etc? Wouldn’t there be a big drop in the need for oil and gas if that should be fully developed in the future? Just wondering…

Gracie, we have electrical cars today. It is hard to cross the country when you have to stop every so often for hours to recharge. Would you fly in a battery operated plane? Oil and Gas is a global commodity. Even if they could provide a full battery charge in a few minutes, in whose lifetime will they have the infrastructure to provide them in the forests, jungles, deserts, ice, etc.? The globe is a big place not sure the battery car will ever be anything more than a commuter car. Tractors and trucks are a whole other story.

The electricity for those cars has to come from somewhere. At the moment, most is from either coal fired or natural gas fired plants (with some from nuclear, solar, wind, hydro). Coal is going down due to environmental concerns, but natural gas is a much cleaner fuel and going up in demand. The Battery storage is the big need for technological breakthrough.

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