Electric Line Easement

What is a good price for electric line easement with overhead line along the edge of my property. Approximately 100 rods.

Not sure about an electric line, but for a buried water line I got $125.00 / rod in BLOCK C-18.

I’m not an expert, local lawyers should know terms. In 2019, a small E&P company offered us below-market $30/rod to erect an electric powerline across our section, a lawyer said the market rate was then $50 per rod. We collaborated with neighboring surface owners across the section, and made the grantee pay us far more than the $50 going rate because we discovered they erected the powerline without permission or notice before ever approaching us with an offer. We made them sign an easement document favorable to us grantors instead of the grantee’s self-serving template. Our easement is ten years, renewable for an additional ten years with a larger payment. A two-page Memorandum of Easement was recorded for each grantor, each holds a signed executed 11-page easement contract that is not recorded (discloses fee amount).

Grantee should give you as-staked surveyor’s plat. Suggest you coordinate with other surface owners for equitable terms. I understand going rate may be ascertained from University Lands Rate and Damage Schedule periodically published by the University of Texas System.

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