Elbert County Leasing Activity 2017

I have been noticing some North West Elbert County Leasing Activity and thought it would be useful for others to post what they have heard, been offered or have questions about. I have seen New Wells going up on the border between Arapahoe and Elbert County's. The lease offers I have heard are $1,000 p/acre and 18.75% Royalty for Elbert.

My family owns rights in central part of 6s-63w. We recently received a lease offer and we were wondering the same thing. $1,000 per acre is more than we received in our offer and we said that we saw a different lease bonus number of this web page. The landman says we are in the Fort Haze area and it is exploratory which is why the offer isn't so high. We are going to wait. My neighbor said Fort Haze is different from the Niobrara, but that there are old producing Fort Haze wells nearby.

Not much activity on the group:( I was hoping to get some shared experiences There is some increased activity and leases being offered up here in Nortthwest Elbert mostly with Bison Just wanting some sharing of experience