El Paso Production Company

I recently sent a certified letter to Mr. Al W. Erxleben at El Paso Production Company for purposes of requesting that they update title to reflect certain deaths.

The certified mail card was signed, the envelope opened, the taped shut and returned to sender.

I guess i will resend it to the Land Department but am wondering if the address i obtained off the “world wide interweb” is incorrect.

I show it to be 1001 Louisiana Street, Houston, TX 77002.

Is this correct?

Have you thought about calling and asking them?

Good luck,


Something on a website has Mr. Erxelben listed as being VP of the Gulf of Mexico. You want to submit your documents to the (onshore, domestic) Division Order Department.

Their website should have at least general contact information.

Remember that your documents must be certified copies from the Counties where the properties are located.

Charles, good to hear from you.

I originally mailed a certified letter to Mr. Erxleben. Signed for, opened, stuffed back in the envelop, marked through with a Sharpie and marked “return to sender”. That is $8.23 that i will never get back.

I took Ms Malone’s suggestion and dialed the number. It is now Kinder Morgan. They bought El Paso Production then spun it off to EP Energy. Changed my cover letter and sent it again.

I sent certified copies of Last Will and Testaments, Letters Testamentary, Executor Oath…just good reading. But out of an abundance of caution, i highlighted the “Residue” sections.

Hopefully it will get to someone who might consider helping.

They'll get back to you. It just sometimes takes a while to find the right person to talk to.

Look for their online Owner Relations Webpage. All the large companies have them and most of the medium sized ones. Maybe a few of the smaller ones, but they usually answer their own phone calls.