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ULTRA Resources has drilling permits on the Banning Ferris Ranch they purchased and drilled at least one vertical well. Does anyone have any knowledge of the well results other than State submittals?

Gary L Hutchinson

Minerals Management


Hello! I am a landman(woman) from Oklahoma. I have a question that is a little off subject, but a friend of mine asked me about it and I would like to get him answer. How are water rights bought/sold/reserved in Colorado? In Oklahoma people are beginning to reserve their water rights when selling their surface like you would reserve minerals but we are not sure where it is headed. He had heard Colorado was a head of the game in that area and asked if I could find out how it is done there. Thank You so much for any response. I am going on vacation for a week so don't think I am ignoring responses. Darla



Water rights are more valuable to preserving lifestyle than oil in many parts of eastern Colorado. El Paso is one of those areas. For the most part, water rights pass with the surface but the aquifers are highly restricted. Colorado has unique water rights laws for a diminishing resource. There are attorney's that specialize in water aw as a result. Contact one of them for real answers to your questions when vacation is over.

Gary L Hutchinson

MInerals Management


Does anyone in Elpaso county have a well drilled or being drilled? If so what is the status? and, any other info. ;about any plans for drilling/production of leases in our County?