Eight Mile Field-Williams County 152N 103W sect 2

Hi all, Our lease with Nine Point energy ( formally Triangle) is up in Sept. they claim they will drill “soon” but heard that before. Anyone know if drilling pads are in place in the east half of sections 4 & 9? Army Corps of Engineers has restricted drilling on our land due to flood plane- hence the need for long laterals on pads just outside the restricted area. Since Nine Point is new wondering if anyone has any info on them? Also what are the current bonuses being paid in that area? Thanks, Bill

My family's trust is in that exact section. Current offer as of last week is $1350/20%/3yr. Never heard that they will drill soon though. Hope this helps.

Great info-thanks Kevin Btw-do you mind sharing the leasing agent/ company and what oil company you signed with?

I sent you a message.