Eddy County, Township 25 South, Range 31 East

Hello - Mineral rights are all new to me, especially being in MN! I’ve just received a summons from a O&G broking company that has filed a civil suit to try to quiet the title on some of the mineral rights my family has inherited. I have no information from my family on these rights other than what is the in the paperwork.

I’ve been looking on the BLM site, trying to understand which sections we have claim to and what, if anything, may come of these mineral rights potentially in the future. Any insight this group can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Township 25 South, Range 31 East, NMPM Section 21: S1/2 (1/3 of 1% ORI) Section 27: W1/2NW1/4 (1-1/3% ORI) Section 28: N1/2NE1/4, SW1/4NE1/4, NW1/4, SE1/4NE1/4 (1/3 of 1% ORI) Section 29: NE1/4 (1/3 of 1% ORI)

Also, does anyone know where I can pull US Oil & Gas lease information if I have the LC#?

Thank you, Brandi

For BLM info:


You can go to this page and type in info to see LC-0062140 and 0062140A. At least what they have, which isn’t going to be a copy of the lease but is at least a history of the lease. Inputs below.

The BLM is a confusing mess that likes syntax to be just so…

Thank you for the link and instructions. Were you able to find those #’s based on my name alone?

Also, in reading other posts you’ve replied to in this forum, would you be able to provide a map of the sections I mentioned and if there are any wells in these areas? The layering on the BLM interactive map are foreign to me, as is all of this!

I was able to find the lease numbers based on your legal description of the lands in the first post. Nothing about you personally.

A cartoonish map looks something like this. There are ExxonMobil/XTO wells in a portion of these lands (drilled diagonally).

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Thank you NMoilboy! Appreciate your help.