Eddy county, NM

Does any body know the going price per net mineral acre for leasing mineral rights, also needing help finding an affordable attorney to review my lease offer for Eddy county NM. I live in Austin tx.


I've seen offers in Eddy range from $150 to over $4,000/nma in the past year. Because of horizontal drilling successes, some areas have been valued at over $10,000/nma. Location, location, location.

I've been dealing with local law firms since 1992 that are strong in the oil business. PM me and I'll give you a reference that can help. You are very wise to have your lease offer reviewed in light of the new oil activity in the County.

Gary L Hutchinson

I don’t know how to pm, but I’m really interested in what advice or referral you have to share with me

Did you have success in selling? Or did you decide to lease?