Eddy County, NM Overriding Royalty Interest

My late father left my siblings and I an interest in an overriding royalty interest in Section 2, Township 21 South, Range 26 East of Eddy County, New Mexico. In the past we would receive once or twice a year inquires about purchasing this interest, but in the last 3 or 4 months we receive several a week. The offers seem to be getting higher and higher each week. My family owns minerals throughout Texas, but this is the only interest we own in New Mexico and I just unfamiliar with activity etc. Can someone help me with activity in the area?

Correction, it’s Section 3

There are quite a few permits for horizontal wells nearby, so that is why you are getting offers.

Thank you. Again, just being unfamiliar with New Mexico I am trying to decipher the map, are the black dots permits?

Use the + sign on the map to zoom in and you will get a legend when it gets close in enough. They have a category called “new”, but I am not sure if those are permits. The dots are surface locations not the sticks of horizontal wells. I have a different subscription that shows the new permits. I see some in 18-21S-27E and 30-21S-27E, and another set north of you in the corner where 20X-26E and 20S-27E meet.

Thank you. This seems to be good news.