Eddy Co. Sec 2 T25 R26 Jawbone wells

Big drop in monthly production oil and gas in Jawbone wells. I’m a novice but any ideas why? Thanks in advance.

Only online for 11-13 days depending on well. In February, which looks to be what you are talking about.

There was a real bad freeze early in the month, that may have knocked things offline and took a while to get things going again.

Thank you very much. I get it. Didn’t think to look at days, was too freaked about production. Lesson learned. Your advice good for a free lunch at Sadie’s if you get to my town however!


FWIW Murchison just got 3 permits approved to drill Wolfcamp wells in Sec 35/2. Jawbone Fed Com.

APIs 3001549454 3001549455 3001549456


They also applied to the BLM for permits for 3 additional wells covering the W/2 of Sec 35/2. Just went into the BLM in February. See below. So probably won’t come out as permits until mid 2023 at the rate things get processed.

Murchison has zero rigs running anywhere so who knows. But in short, wheels may be in motion. Your current wells are 2nd BoneSpring wells. These are deeper and should be fairly good based on nearby results (e.g. API 3001543773, 3001546536, 3001546537). So you’d kind of think they will get drilled someday.


Thanks again and as always for your help. I’m very appreciative. Dinner at Sadie’s on me!

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