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I have some non producing Minerals in Ector County, and I'm curious if someone else here has received any offers to lease their minerals here.

I will place a parcel list of the properties.

Ector County SECT 44, BLK44 West South Cowden UT

Ector Co. SEc 16, Blk 44

Ector Co. Blk 44, Sec 16

Ector Co. Sec 42

Ector Co. Sec 42, BLK 44

Ector Co. Sec 26 BLK A-36

Ector Co. Sec 10 BLK 26

Ector Co. Sec 28 BLK 45

Ector Co. Sec 28 BLK 45



Anyone that has Surface or Minerals in Ector County, Sure would like to know what leasing activity is like. My list of mineral properties below, got the attention of one oil company and they are looking at properties both in Ector and Crane Counties. Thanks in advance for sharing what you know.

Is anything going on in Ector County? I have a lease that expires this month and was wondering what, if anything may be going on. My interest is in Section 30. Thanks.

Mr. Pearson,

Which Section 30? There is quite a bit of activity in Ector County as there are around 35 rigs running as of the last publication I saw.


My rights are all of Section 30, Block 44, Township 2 South...etc. It was leased for three years and the landman I spoke with in October indicated there was continued interest.

I am traveling and do not have the name of the company with me, but was curious to see if anyone else had received inquiries. I have interests in other counties as well and appreciate everyone's generosity in sharing what they know as I am new at this.

It looks like Sandridge has some leasehold in that property.

I am looking to lease 5-10 acres to possibly for a commercial disposal well with surface rights owners. Please call 512-791-2499

Hello...I am looking to lease and/or buy 5-10 acres of land, preferably off a major highway or county road for the purpose of possibly obtaining a permit for a saltwater disposal well. Three (3) phase nearby would be a huge plus. Please text/call Tim Terry at 512-791-2499

I have commercial water rights for lease in Lea County, NM

Just received a lase offer for Sec. 1 and Sec 11, Block 44, Twps 3 and 5. Offer @350/nma bonus and 15% royalty. Sounds cheap. Any thoughts?


I could be wrong but I find no Block T5 in Ector County. I do find Section 1 and Section 11/Block 44 T3S in Ector County. I'm thinking these may be your sections. I find numerous plugged oil wells in the surrounding area of your minerals. Also a few older vertical oil/gas wells that are producing. Seems as though Oxy USA WTP has been busy in the past in this area. Well 383454 was drilled by OXY in 2003. Well 38520 was drilled by OXY in 2004....

Production Data on well 38520:|2=06|3=2015|4=05|5=2016|103=37374|6=O|102=08|8=specificLease|204=district|9=dispDetails|10=0

GIS Map of Section 1/Section 11/Block 44 T3S and surrounding area:

15% royalty is definitely on the cheap side. 20% to 25% are the going rates in today's market. I have no idea what the bonus money might be for this area. The wells in this are are not great wells but they keep on producing for several years. Some of the older wells that have been plugged I could find no information on.

Clint Liles


Click on the GIS Map I provided to enlarge the map.


Clint Liles

I had a conversation with an old oil and gas friend in Midland aboutthe Ector Co. minerals. He says Midland County (adjoining to the East) is in a boom with leases at $3,000/acre bonus and 25% royalty. Any thoughts?

Here is some good news for Ector County, Hot leasing, just finished leasing 640 acres of section 42, 25% of the hole, and 500 per acre bonus, 3 year lease. Not privy to whom leased it at this time.


What block and township of Ector County is the section 42 that you mentioned?

Section 42, Block 44, T-2-S. I believe its near the West South Cowden UT.

We are talking with Reseller on a tract in Crane, but they want it cheap, so I don't know if we will lease to them, I want to make sure who we lease to in the future knows what they are doing? Whiting oil didn't seem to.

Good Morning,

we have 240 acres in DAWSON COUNTY for lease not sale, there is 4 of us it is located in block 35 section 2 T4N

contact me on here or at

Thank you

Good Afternoon,

My family and I have 2 areas of land to LEASE not sale in DAWSON county there are 4 of us, we have 240 acres in section 2 block 35 T4N, we have had wells on this land before, just not drilled but about 5000 ft so I know there is oil there, plus we have 160 acres for lease it is located at section 28 block 35 T5N, we are open to lease all together or by themselves.

please contact me on here or at

Hello Ector Co. Group!

I am a bit rusty on research but I was looking for information as to activity in Ector Co. Oil drilling. I have some acreage in Blk. A, sections 3,5 &17.

I have a Landman wanting to lease with a signing bonus of $500 per acre etc.

My last listing is that it may be capped wells that were originally leased by Chevron or Oxy. My leases don't seem to have those particular descriptions in the operating wells at this time. So, perhaps a deal could be made and just wanted some info of activity in Ector and a refresher on looking up locations. As always any help from you all is much appreciated, Kelly