Eckermann Road Well

Any news on the Verdun Well on Eckermann Road? No activity in months!

A production report Verdun filed with the Railroad Commission on May 8th showed their well on Eckermann Road made 53,479 mcf of gas and 135 barrels of condensate in March. Last week they filed a production report showing there was no production from it in April. The reports had it in “Pending” status and no completion report has been filed.

On a weekend night, probably in March, I remember driving all the way over there from 290 to find the source of a huge flare they had going and all the noise it was making indicated it was flowing a bunch of gas. I’m thinking that 53,000 mcf was probably produced in just a few days of testing and if so the Somme will probably turn out to be a big dry gas well but make very little condensate.

Verdun either hasn’t gotten it tied-in to a gas gathering system yet, or could be waiting for the gas processing plant AMP is building on Old Mill Creek Road to be operating before they start producing it.

Washington County Texas