Echo Energy


Has anyone had dealings with Echo Energy lately? What lease bonuses are they offering? I have interests in Sect. 13, TWN 1N, Range 6W.




Hi my name is Daniel. I had bad luck with Echo! They sent me out a letter of intent, to purchase our mineral rights. After I sent them one offer letter, for our mineral rights. They countered about $ 200 higher than the offer I sent them. Then they called me back and said that my mineral rights were in the wrong section. S o they withdrew there offer. Watch out for them!



Back in November, 2014, we dealt with them on our property, S6 T1 5W, dealt with a great lady and received 3,500.00 per acre with 1/4 royalties. Excellent deal!! Then, a few months ago, Echo (different person) contacted me wanting to do a top lease, I started negotiating with them, it's a completely different company. They were completely unprofessional, we went back and forth only to find out this kid knew nothing about what he was talking about. From what I understand, some of these companies change people like we change underwear. Who knows? Maybe they have changed back to being responsible but IDK. Our lease comes back up November, 2017 and I've been trying to find out what has been going on down there, activity wise, so I'll know what to expect. Hope this helps?! Can you help me with the activity question?



Thanks. I signed a lease in 2014 with a 1/4 royalty and a $1,750.00/nma bonus. I have been contacted about renewing the lease but am asking a bonus of $3,000.00/nma. A young man said he would get back to me but no word yet.



Mr. Blackburn:

I think the kid I spoke with over the phone about the top lease, peed his pants over the amount we had negotiated in 2014. You would think he would have known the amount we got, working for the same company, Echo. I told him we would need more than they were offering (top lease), I told him I wasn't expecting the same amount becuz a week or so after we signed, oil dropped. But he never called back and when I called them, it sounded like a call center, not professional, so I just hung up. We haven't received any offers this year. Kinda surprised, any suggestions?



Crystal - Probably the same young man who called me. He had all of the information about our existing lease and seemed ready (?) to offer that again, but as you see I asked for a larger bonus. I am in no hurry and will see what develops as my Lease expiration date (Nov. 3) approaches. No "top lease" mentioned by him. Oil prices are of course not what they were in early or mid 2014, but are fairly close to what the price was in the fourth quarter when we leased so I think you should not agree to a 'hair cut' from the earlier bonus.



Mr. Blackburn

Our anniversary is November 14/17 (something like that), and we haven't received but 1 letter requesting to lease. Do we need to contact some of the bigger leasing agents about it or do we wait for contact? I appreciate any help you could give.



My contacts are with a Brandon Clark of Echo:

405-■■■■■■■■ Office

405-■■■■■■■■ Cell

Echo Energy, LLC

Clark suggests that Echo is much interested in re-leasing areas about to lapse. at least our area. How much Echo is offering is still up in the air. I have no idea what other parties are leasing in the area, but think possibly that if Echo has signed up most of the area (again) or appears about to, there may be minimal interest on the part of others. I am no authority however. Perhaps you should contact Clark directly.



Thank you very much!! Good Luck!!



I've got several interests in 1N-6W and noticed that Echo-warwick, Continental and Rolling Thunderbolt are leasing across this township and range

I was wondering if anyone on hear has signed a lease in here in the last six months and if so what were you paid per acre etc.




I actually spoke with Brandon Clark @ Echo Energy, OKC last week. He was very professional, took my information, section township, blah, blah, he said they had already signed all that they were going to for MY section but I would give him a call. Mr. Blackburn's given his information just above. I have received a lease offer from Annastin Energy, haven't looked at it but I'm sure I'll be back on here shortly with questions. I also would like to know if anyone has received any info and how much$$, if your willing to share??

Thanks Crystal Fowler



Odd proceedings: Echo Energy's lease with me expired yesterday. After many telephone conversations and emails in past weeks, and an agreed lease bonus and new lease terms, and repeated assurances that items were being sent to me, today I was told that- by the way, King's X- I first need to sign a detailed Letter of Intent ("LOI") with detailed stipulations including giving Echo a length of time to clear title, etc. Was told that even though said LOI (emailed to me this afternoon) referred to an attached lease, there was no such attachment but one "would follow" as party responsible of preparing same was out of the office. All strange since Echo had this interest under lease for past three years. So I declined to pursue the matter and will wait to see what other parties may be interested. This process with Echo doesn't pass my smell test. I think they are trying to tie up properties w/o committing the lease bonus, maybe hoping to flip the properties they have tied up with their LOI. As the saying goes, "Show me the money."



Would appreciate contact info for Annastin Energy. Am also contacting Bearcat Land which showed interest three years ago.



Be careful with ECHO. They will record your lease and not pay you and it takes countless phone calls and threats to get a release of OGL. Get your money up front and then send them the signed and notorized lease.



Sure, so far this guy, John Figge, has done everything he's said. It took him a few days to get an offer to me but that actually makes me feel better. Maybe they are doing some research before making an offer? Who knows but I guess I was really lucky 3 years ago with Echo, everything went as planned, they came to our house to sign the papers, received a great bonus and royalties. Now I'm completely paranoid! Good luck and keep us posted! Crystal Fowler



Mr. Blackburn;

In what Section of 1N 6W were you offered $1750 and 1/4 may I ask? I currently have unleased

minerals in Section 15.



Has anybody received any lease offers from ECHO Energy for Sec26 2S 4W in Stephens County. My lease expired and Echo is interested in leasing.

Thank you



I usually have my attorney do the bonus exchange. He holds on to lease until bonus is received.



ECHO offered me a very good lease rate for my NMRs in S21 T01S 4W and I accepted it back in end of October. They recored a Memorandum I signed in the courthouse on 11/01/18. Since there were no other documents added for a couple of weeks. I emailed to the Landman, Wes Smith, and asked if there was any hold ups. He said he would find out and I have heard nothing more since.

I just emailed and texted to him and requested ECHO either pay for the lease or cancel it. Nothing came back.

How can I go through the cancelling or voiding the lease because ECHO did not pay for the lease at the end of the agreed upon date (30 business days after receipt of the signed agreement)?



They have been rather slow recently. Next time, don’t hand over a lease without getting a check. Send them a certified return receipt letter next. Then you will know who received your letter. You may have to contact the OCC in a copy letter return receipt.