Echo Energy in Garvin County

Anyone know what's going on - either under or above ground - in Garvin County. Offers being made to purchase rights in Section 21 4N 4W. Also looking for possible valuation in 1992 for widowed sister-in-law. Thanks.

What is their offer/acre for her minerals? I sent you a friendship request.

Hi Tom,

Thanks for reply -They are offering ca. $5k per acre - and she has 37.5 acres. Not sure what is going on there - oil royalties have tapered off, mostly gas now. I've been unable to find any info about that specific area right now, and we are totally in the dark about what the Presbyterian minister paid for it (he & his wife raised my orphaned grandmother in Sioux City).

Figured out the "friend" request, and friended you - it was in the earlier e-mail.