East Cromwell Unit wells in Seminole County, OK

I cannot find any information on the following wells in Seminole County, OK:

East Cromwell Unit Tract 1 East Cromwell Unit Tract 2 East Cromwell Unit Tract 4 East Cromwell Unit Tract 21 East Cromwell Unit Tract 27

The PUN Directory does not have them listed. I need to know the S-T-R. They are in Seminole County, Oklahoma and Kelly Cook Oil is the operating. Would also like to know when they were first completed. Thank You

Go to this website: Oklahoma Corporation Commission - Electronic Well Data and type in Cromwell under the Well Name/Number and under Location/County, use the drop down to find Seminole. Then hit Search. It will give you a list of 154 wells with the name “Cromwell” in them. Most seem to be in T10N & T11N, R08E, with the most activity in Sections 3, 4, and 34. PA is Plugged/Abandoned and AC is Active. Clicking on the magnifying glass will provide more information, so perhaps you can find the ones you’re looking for that way. At the bottom of the page is a completion button, and you can find additional information there. Happy hunting!

Merideth, please see attached document which is the application for the East Cromwell Unit Unitization. See pages 38 & 39 for description and mapping of each tract. Hope this helps your search. 0058DF50.pdf (2.9 MB)

As a follow up, I only see three wells that meet the description and these are in Tract 4. API 35-133-24139, 35-133-24170 & 35-133-24176. These wells were completed in 1995 or 1996, and as you noted, don’t show any recent production.

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