I have a question about a company that wants to purchase a small area for easement

They made an offer to purchase the easement which is a small section to add a portion of pipe to an area that was placed on the property in the 80's. No family member wants this company to do this and the Rep mentioned going to legal because the company is going to claim public domain or something like that. In the meantime the family is preparing to do some other things with this property.

If no one signs, can this company place the pipeline, and if I were to get rid of my share within the next 2 months, how would this impact my sale?

They may be able to take the easement with eminent domain. That’s their last resort. That means they will go through the courts and get an order where no one in your family has to sign but you’ll likely get paid something, though it may be less than their final offer. It would be best to consult an attorney to make sure the terms of the easement grant are in your favor. For example if it were me, I’d want to make sure it reverts back to me if abandoned, and is not a perpetual easement. Depending on what your family plans to use the land for, you may be able to get them to bury the line below plow depth where it would not interfere. As far as getting rid of your share, I’m not sure I understand completely. The only way I would think that it would affect the sale is that you would no longer have to sign off or get any consideration for the grant, no money.