Easement Value Question

Would appreciate any information regarding an easement value for a 30 inch natural gas line 60 foot ROW. North Central Texas area. Crossing active cultivated farm land. I wanted to get a general idea of a fair per rod price if possible. Thanks in advance.

This is the (Texas) University Lands damage schedule. It might be helpful to get an idea of what the State is getting for their ROW.


I also use the university lands schedule to start negotiations. Remember though, these are for 10 year easements, which most pipeline guys don't want. So I usually look at the amount of width they want (in a 30-inch pipe, probably 50 or 60 feet) and i start looking at the normal lives of pipelines which can be 40 years or so. Using the Univ schedule for that size of pipe, you can consider the first 10 years' rate and add a present value of the renewal rates. For smaller pipes, usually gets me about $200/rod (not feet). A rod is 16.5 feet and usually they quote a rate per rod. I have gotten $400/rod for that large a pipe.

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Thank you both for your replies. That gives me a good starting point then. We have some other items that I am guessing would have to be factored in to the rod price like having to move/feed livestock, the loss of production on the farm ground while it is going on and also the loss of several very large pecan trees. One of which is over 100 years old and about 48 inches in diameter. I assume they have to compensate for that loss as well.

yes, they should compensate for the trees, but putting a value on their loss is insurmountable. Personally, I would ask that they re-route ... but that's me

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