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I have 20 acres in Ward County Texas that I have surface rights to. Was contacted by a company who wants a easement to put a pipeline in with a temporary road access. As far as I can tell 50 foot section. Was sent a bunch of paperwork that is over whelming since I know nothing about this procedure. The company states real sale price of $1300 for the easement, but out of “Good Faith” they’re offering me $13,000. What should i do? Is this a good price? They state many times If i don’t take the offer they will proceed with a procedure to take the land.And I’d hardly get anything then. Any advice appreciated Thank You

Do not sign that document without getting legal help. There are quite a few posts regarding easements. Use the search (magnifying glass) to look for them. Check Ward County, Texas first.

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Few basics you might keep in mind:

  • Require documentation of right of eminent domain…ability to condemn the ROW. Lots claim it but generally only applies to common carrier pipelines.
  • When you say 50 foot section, is that the ROW’s width or length across your land? If only 50’ length see why they can’t turn to miss you. If not, try for route causing the least long term damage to the value of your tract, possibly parallel to boundary line.
  • Beyond price there are lots of things that should be negotiated, like
    size of the line, type use it’s limited to, limiting to only to one line or requiring separate payment for any additions, no surface facilities, requiring release of easement if line isn’t built in specified time or not used for some agreed time.
  • See if the temporary road they need can be located or turned in to something that benefits you.

There are experienced Texas oil & gas attorneys in this forum and my recommendation if you contact one of them as your starting point.

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