Would any of you knowlegable fellows have any info on this formation? A combination of the Eagle Ford and Woodbine as I understand it.

Martin, where did you originally come across this. I’ve yet to hear of.

A Landman was telling me about it. I was asking about how far to the Northeast the Eagle Ford runs.

It is a term used by Gastar to describe the formations appearing from the base of the Austin Chalk to the unconformity as found in their recent Wildman Trust wells in Leon County, Texas

Thanks for the info. Would you happen to know how far to the Northeast thru Southeast that formation runs and to what depth? The Wildman Trust wells are by Marque/Hilltop.

Here is the latest from Gastar:


"We also began testing the Eagle Ford Shale/Woodbine formation (the "Eaglebine") with one well, the Wildman 7H, a horizontal well that, as a result of drilling issues, was not able to be drilled in the targeted portion of the Eaglebine formation. We re-targeted the horizontal lateral into the slightly deeper False Buda formation and fracture stimulated the well with a 16-stage frac designed to be directed up into the Eaglebine formation. Micro-seismic data was gathered during the frac job and subsequent processing and interpretation of that data indicates that the stimulation did not grow up into the targeted portion of the Eaglebine formation. The Wildman 7H was placed on artificial lift in mid-February and production is currently averaging 120 barrels of oil per day and in excess of 1,500 barrels of water per day. We plan on drilling a subsequent Eaglebine well, the Wildman 9H, on the basis of the micro-seismic data and the production results observed to date from the Wildman 7H. The horizontal lateral in the Wildman 9H well will be targeted within the portion of the Eaglebine that was originally the target of the Wildman 7H well and is the target of drilling by other nearby operators. Drilling of the Wildman 9H well is scheduled to commence in mid-March, subject to rig availability."