Eagle Ford shale

I am looking to sell my mineral rights in Madison county Tx., 35.269 acres, Gray B. King survey, A19. I understand this is in the Eagle Ford shale. Can someone give me information on what activity there is currently and prices per acre I could expect?


In A-33 to the West of your A-19 are 3 Horizontal wells that have been drilled by EOG in the past 5 years. These are Eagle Ford Shale wells.

Well 30937 Completion Report showed 295 BOPD/108,000 MCF Gas per day

Well 30958 Completion Report showed 450 BOPD/142,000 MCF Gas per day

Well 31014/Link to Production Report/2 pages:



GIS Map of Madison County A-19:

Clint Liles

Thx very much Clint…that is helpful…do you know what would be a fair price on selling these rights per acre? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Hello James…are you interested in making an offer? If not, what is a fair price per acre?


I have no idea on a fair price on your acreage. But since you have decent production in the area it should be a better price. If you need to sell have you considered only selling like 1/2 of your mineral holdings instead of all?

Also, I would imagine there are other producing formations in Madison County other than the Eagle Ford.

Clint Liles

Thank you Clint…I do want to sell all rights…I’m getting too old to continue to wait…lol…if you have any other information, please let me know…have a great day…

out of the 35.269 acres what is your net ownership?

Hello Brent…that is the correct tract and my net acreage is 4.0695 . Any input would be helpful…many thx

I don't think you get anyone willing to make an offer on an open forum, No one wants to show their cards in a negotiation. This is a very transitional time in O&G so it may be beneficial to decide what the mineral rights are worth to you and run with that number, If someone offers you more than what you were thinking its a solid deal. There are SO many factors that go into deciding a "fair market value". Location, production, net interest in the tract, are just 3 factors in a long list of evaluation tools.