Eagle ford shale

my new view from my front window,is oil feild service companies.no im not happy about my peace and quiet being ruined.oil comp.are buying lots of land all around my 7 acres.what are my options?

If you own the minerals for your 7 acres, make the best deal you can for them. You can’t stop the drilling if the bulk of the mineral owners want to exploit what is their property, and most are agreeable, or took a signing bonus to say they are, or your view wouldn’t be changed. I’m sure there are some people who thought they wouldn’t drill and and now have a rig within 1/4 mile of their home. They can be noisy at first. The well near my old house was pretty quiet and not readily visible 1/2 mile away after they completed it. Things settled down pretty quick. You have my sympathy. RWK

What county are you located in?