Eagle Ford Shale Leasing in Gonzales County

We own land in Gonzales County and the property is close to Moulton Texas. Magnum Hunter has offered us $1000 per acre. Does anyone know if this is a good price or are other property owners in this area getting more? Thanks!

Sharon Resources has drilled two successful wells west of Moulton called the Gonzo Hunter & Gonzo North wells. Magnum Hunter bought out Sharon Resources a couple of years ago, but still drills under the name of Sharon Resources in some cases. I would think the offer is a little light. I would definitely check around.

If this is Tony B class of 77 at GHS, give me a call at 830-857-4741 as I am talking to some guys about our minerals this afternoon around 1:00 p.m. If not that tony b, give me a call if you want your info passed on to some other folks.

I am in McMullen Co and got 2500 arce for oil/gas. By now the amout has climbed, since proven wells have been completed since. That was Dec 2010

Am new to this so forgive me if I don't seem to know what I'm talking about. We're trying to lease four sections of land (mineral rights) on the border of the dry gas and condensate plays within McMullen Co. Contacting the producers is difficult as they don't make it easy to email leasing agents withing their organizations. Perhaps they only deal with independent landmen. The land was leased in the '80s but nothing since - dry holes and non fulfilled permits (shallow wells).

Anyway, if yall know how to get my interests leased, give me a call on my cell at (512) 665-1267. Incidentally, my Sharon Resources check (Lavaca/Colorado Counties) came to me yesterday with a new name - Eagle Ford Hunter, Inc.