Eagle Ford Shale Burleson, Milam Co. line

I have substantial mineral interests in about a section and a half of land straddling these county lines. We have a few active leases and 1 "active" well that is not really producing and is being squatted on by Ernest. We had a great deal of interest up to about a year ago by companies to get leases that where about to expire and become available and then bam... it went silent? Other than the obvious US political and world oil issues is there a reason all interest dried up? I know there several well within a 40 mile radius that have been good producers and they were the catalyst for companies securing leases. Is there something we don't know about that could explain the sudden silence.

Burleson / Milam County line is basically too far updip to effectively "work" for the Eagle Ford - this is do to lower thermal maturity in this area / just not cooked enough.

Wells drilled by Slawson in Milam Co confirmed this plus some of the Buffco wells near Caldwell suffered for the same reason (maturity).

Basically, the oil is in the rock but with little to no gas there is minimal energy to move the oil from rock into any induced fracture system created by frac stimulation. Plus oil is heavier and more viscous - making it harder to move/ flow / be produced.

As always, this is just my opinion on this issue.