Eagle Ford Play Northeast Region / Fayette, Washington, Lee, Colorado, Burleson, Brazos, Grimes and Milam Counties and beyond

As the Eagle Ford play continues to mature, the prospective boundries of the formation continue to expand.

Originally thought to be centered primarily in South Texas, recent activity in Gonzales and DeWitt Counties have produced some of the most impressive wells to date. As a result, many of the most recent presentations from the Oil and Gas producers active in the region are now showing an expanded view of the play that now places Gonzales/DeWitt in the center of the activity.

That said, it now appears that counties even further to the North and East could potentially be included in the productive boundries of the trend.

Magnum Hunter has recently completed their Gonzo Hunter 1-H in the Northeast corner of Gonzales on the boundries of Fayette and Lavaca Counties. Although they have not officially released the IP results as of yet, they did allude in a recent investors meeting that the well is online and that that the IP rate will be falling between the 1,000-2,000 BOE range once it is has been officially tested. Impressive well for the area and one that is generating much interest in the region.

Leasing activity in Southern Fayette County is now going full bore and producers like Clayton Williams have also been testing Eagle Ford completions as far North and Eastward as Burleson and Grimes Counties.

I'm starting this thread for those of us with interests in this Northeast region of the Eagle Ford play so that we can all stay informed about leasing activity, well permitting and production/operations in this area as the play continues to expand and be defined.

Magnum Hunter’s October 2010 Map seems to be the most inclusive assesment of the full Eagle Ford trend to date.

3048-MagnumHunterOct2010EFMap.JPG (163 KB)

The updated map from EOG’s 11/3 Q3 conference call seems even more interesting. If their updated map is correct, then it now looks like EOG’s opinion is that the Eagle Ford prospective oil window contains most of Fayette, Western Washington, Southern Burleson, Southern Brazos and Northern Grimes Counties and that the wet gas window seems to have expanded as well.

3045-EOGNov2010EFMap.JPG (117 KB) 3046-EOGNov2010EFMap2.JPG (71 KB)

GeoResources October 2010 Eagle Ford Map shows promise for the region as well

3042-GeResourcesOct2010EFMap.JPG (134 KB)

Clayton Williams - October 2010 Eagle Ford Map details their activity as far North and East as Burleson, Brazos, Lee, Grimes and Milam counties.

3040-ClaytonWilliamsOctober2010.JPG (84.5 KB)

Has Magnum Hunter officially released the IP results for the Gonzo Hunter 1-H well? How can you go about finding those reports on the RR Commission site?

Magnum Hunter announced the IP of the Gonzo Hunter well in early November at an investor’s conference. Number was reported at 605 BOE/Day. The official report should be up on the TRRC website soon as it is currently listed as a :“work in progress”.

ttl said:

Has Magnum Hunter officially released the IP results for the Gonzo Hunter 1-H well? How can you go about finding those reports on the RR Commission site?

This one is an Austin Chalk completion, but definately a very nice well, reported today for Fayette County.

Enervest’s Flying Kite #1 - 3.4 miles SW of LaGrange near the Swiss Alp area.

IP report is 660 BOE/Day and 1.167 mmcfd of Gas.