E.O.G. holding up payments for production on TR7N R3W Sec 19.

The horizontal well has been producing since April of 2019, but we have yet to receive any payment whatsoever for our leased royalties. We have made countless phone calls, and their reply is always “you should be receiving division orders within the next week.” Oklahoma law unfairly favors the oil production companies. Please vote some responsible representatives into our state government who will protect the interests of Oklahoma royalty owners who actually pay taxes.

EOG is running very far behind on their title work. Do not be distressed. It is common with hundreds of owners in each section and a very active drilling program by EOG in OK. The law protects you if you have title. You will get paid and you will get statutory interest of 12% if your title is clean. Much less if it needs to be cured. Be patient. I usually wait until nine months after first sales (not production) to write a certified letter requesting my interest payment.

Which well are you talking about? The Moore 1930 1H has been online since July of 2018 and goes south into section 30. Is that the one?