E Big Wells Prospect


Does anyone have any information concerning a lease covering 55.6 acres out of the C. Dunbar Survey #43, A-1078, E. Big Wells Prospect in Dimmit County?



Not sure where the Dunbar Survey is located but I have acreage by the old township of Las Vegas, 5 miles east of Big Wells. That area is tied up in a 1968 Rogers lease that encompassing 8000 acres. There is a "held by production" in the lease. As I understand it as long as there is one well producing in that 8000 acres then they control the leasing. My property looks like a hole the donut when you view the RRC map. There are lots of new well east and a lot of old vertical wells west but nothing in between. The nothing in between is my 470 acres.

Thanks, Todd. I appreciate the information.